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Peaches getting some couch time Welcome to our wonderful world of West Highland Terriers, bred to the breed standard and for sweet temperments. You can reach us at 678-566-1661 or on our cell phones, 678-758-4606 and 4608.

Glengrogan Westies is a hobby and show kennel which was founded in early 1991 by Tom and Fredia Loveland. We only have very few litters a year so that we can continue our line and have something to show. Our dogs are our pets first, and showdogs second. We breed for excellent and sweet personalities, good coats and happy active people oriented attitudes, as well as physical characteristics matching the Westie breed standard. We are careful and concerned about health issues in dogs that we breed to and that we breed. Occasionally we may have puppies or a retired champion to place in a new home, primarily as a pet and family member, rather than a show dog, although many of our dogs are "show quality" and could be championed if a buyer has the inclination. If we don't have a dog for you, we may know of someone who does, so don't hesitate to call. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the breed.

When we started in early 1991, we purchased Duffy, CH Deers MacDuff of the Moors. It was a sad day when he left us for a better place in late spring 2007. We got him as a show prospect from Wayne Deer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and although we had never shown, we thought it might be fun. After he finished his championship five weeks after his first point, Fredia was hooked. We got Lollie, CH Ja Chan's Lollie Pop, from the same kennel a year later and she became our foundation bitch with four of her six puppies finishing their championships along with many more grandchildren and great grandchildren. When she turned 17 in January 2008 she began to have problems getting about and appeared to have suffered a stroke, but she hung on, enjoying her food until the end on April 24 when congestive heart failure and her inability to breathe adequately finally forced us to send her along to be with her brother, our old Duffy. She was out-crossed exclusively to Mac-Ken-Char dogs, owned by Joanne and Jaimi Glodek who were very helpful in getting us started as was Bergit Coady-Kabel who taught Fredia to show groom.

Lollie's most successful breeding was to Rudy, BISS CH Mac-Ken-Char's Ashscot Liberty, a multiple Best in Specialty show dog who was a national specialty and roving national specialty winner. He was one of only a handful of dogs to ever win more than one national specialty and won over 10 additional specialties. That breeding produced BISS CH Glengrogan's Bada Bing Bada Boom (Boomer) our first specialty winner with 2 specialty best in show wins. He earned his first major toward his championship on the weekend of the national roving specialty in Texas and finished his championship as winners dog at the California Specialty on Great Western Terrier show weekend. He went on to a specials career with numerous group placements as a breeder-owner handled special, winning the award as the number one breeder-owner-handled dog from the national club 2 years in a row.

With Wendell Marumoto's help we purchased CH Whitebriar Jaycie from Maureen Murphy in New Zealand. Jaycie did not like the show ring early on, and had a coat that was slow to come in. We bred her to Boomer on her second heat and the standout dog was placed with Suebeth and Bobby Jordan, who had never had a westie before, on the basis that he would be shown and we would help them finish his championship. Jaycie's coat finally came in profusely and she finished her championship in 2005.

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